Warranty, Returns & Crash Replacement

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all Carbon cSixx products to the original owner once registered below.

Over and above this we offer a Crash Replacement program to give you peace of mind while out shredding the gnarly trails. 


The crash replacement works out to you paying 50% of the original price for a brand new rim.
This is if you happen to break it while running out of talent and damaging one of your cSixx parts while out on the trail. 


We have made some Google forms for you to easily register or claim for a Warranty / Crash replacement below : 

Register your cSixx product

Warranty or Crash Replacement Claim

You can also just email us at returns@csixx.com

Remember to include:

  • Brief descriptions of the issue
  • Pictures of the part
  • Proof of purchase – copy of your Receipt
  • Your full delivery address